Gregory T. Delory
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 Current Research

Electromagnetic exploration of planetary subsurfaces

Principal Investigator - NASA Mars Instrument Development Program (MIDP) - Deployable Instruments for the Mars Exploration Program

Principal Investigator - NASA Planetary Instrument Definition and Development Program (PIDDP) - Electric Field Sensors for Planetary Subsurface Sounding


Dust in lunar and Martian environments

Principal Investigator - NASA Discovery Data Analysis Program (DDAP) - Observational and Theoretical Constraints on Lunar Surface and Dust Charging Processes

Co-Investigator - NASA Mars Fundamental Research Program (MFRP) - The Creation of a negative ion plasma within Martian Dust Storms

Co-Investigator - Mars Atmosphere and Dust in the Optical and Radio (MATADOR) project

Space radiation environment

Principal Investigator - MASA Mars Data Analysis Program (MDAP) -  Characterization of the Radiation Environment at Mars: Solar Energetic Particles As Seen by MGS and Odyssey

Radiation Field-Effect Transistors (RadFET) Instrumentation


Remote sensing, planetary exploration and astrobiology

Co-Investigator - NASA High Capability Instruments for Planetary Exploration (HCIPE) - Multi-Instrument Distributed Aperture Sensor:A High Resolution Passive/Active EO Imaging Sensor for Solar System Exploration Outer Planets Missions


Public Outreach

Microphone instruments for Mars and planetary missions


Past Research

Auroral, Ionospheric, and Magnetospheric Physics

Fast Auroral SnapshoT (FAST) Small-class explorer mission - electric field instrumentation

NASA Sounding rocket program - particles and fields instrumentation, electrical and mechanical system design,  project management, data analysis, and publication of results (Flights 40.004, 40.008, and 35.033)