Family Pictures

Cousin Jasper, Sarah, Max, and John (Jake would not pose!), Alpine Meadows ski trip, Tahoe, CA (Jan 2011).

Jake and Grandma Pat, Alpine Meadows ski trip, Tahoe, CA (Jan 2011).

Max (Pirate) and Jake (War Machine) ready for Halloween (Oct 2010).

Sarah and John posing on Mt. Constitution, Orcas Is., WA (May 2009).

Max and Jake and cousins Jasper and Wilder, Mt. Constitution, Orcas Is., WA (May 2009).

Max and Jake sporting their new goggles, and experimenting with plaster, baking soda, and vinegar in a backyard vulcanology workshop (Dec 2008).

Jake and Max mugging and rocking at the Morrison Nature Center, Star K Ranch, Aurora, CO (Aug 2008).

Max skateboarding at Clement Park, CO (Aug 2008).

Jack watches as Jake does his 'Grandpa Jack' impression (Aug 2008).

Two views of Max and John's hydraulic arm project (May 2006).

Two Views of the BenBonn-Origunwa Axis: Max and Dayo; Jacob, Yomi, and Max (August 2005).

The BenBonn family (Jacob, John, Sarah, and Max) on Summer Vacation in SoCal (August 2005).

Max and Jacob at the Fairfax, CA Town Parade (June 2005).

Max and Jacob at Easter Brunch at Gary and Julie's house (March 2005).

Max (Jedi Knight), and JoJo (Red Ranger) mugging for the camera at the Model School Halloween parade (Oct. 2004).

Our Little Fire Fighter (Jake) at the Model School Halloween parade (Oct. 2004).

Max, Jake, and JoJo (in mask) getting ready for the Model School Halloween parade (Oct. 2003).

Max, in and out of character as the Red Ranger, EBCC Halloween Parade (Oct. 2003).

Jake after his first homebrew haircut (Oct. 2003).

Happy birthday, Max, with Pikachu jumper (Sept. 2003)!

Max, Jasper, and Wilder, in flight at the Seattle Spaceport (Aug. 2003).

Jake enjoying his first birthday cake (Aug. 2003).

John, Max, Jacob, and Sarah, all dressed up for Mary's wedding in Colorado (Jul. 2003).

Sarah, Jacob, and Max, hanging out in the florid red chair (Jan. 2003).

Max doting on Jacob (Dec. 2002).

Pat, Jacob, and Sarah at Kit Carson park over the holidays (Dec. 2002).

Max and Jacob in a pillow nest (Dec. 2002).

Jacob demonstrating his new-found ability to sit up and watch TV (Nov. 2002).

Jacob commenting while sitting up (Nov. 2002).

Max demonstrating visco-elasticity using homemade Slime! (Nov. 2002).

Max posing with water system/scarecrow/rocketship (Nov. 2002).

Baby Jacob, safe in Grandmother's arms. (Nov. 2002).

The avid birdwatchers Ann and Max at work (Nov. 2002).

The birds were attracted to a hatching of flying ants, which Ann and Max are observing here (Nov. 2002).

Further observations of the flying ant hatching by Max and Ann (Nov. 2002).

Max and his buddy Enrique at the Model School Halloween parade (Oct. 2002).

John, Jacob, and Max, all dressed up for Trick-or-Treat (Oct. 2002).

Jacob wearing the wizard's hat made for him by Max (Oct. 2002).

Max and Grandpa Jack working hard with Legos (Sept. 2002).

Little brother and big brother, all together (Sept. 2002).

Meet Jacob Peter Benson Bonnell, born 5 August 2002, 07:30 am. Much like his brother Max, Jacob is a bruiser, weighing in at 9 lbs., 7 oz., and 21 in. long (Aug. 2002).

This is Max and his cousin Jasper, having a serious mid-afternoon ice cream break at Legoland CA (August 2001).

Here Max and his cousin Wilder have strapped on various sorts of claws, and will be stalking their prehistoric prey in the form of DINOSAURS! (August 2001).

This is Max, back in May 2001 during our visit to Seattle, WA.

Here's Max and I up in Seattle, WA (May 2001).

This is me and Max, sitting on our florid red couch, probably from December 2000.

This is my son, Max, back in December 2000 (he's just over 2 here).

This is Max's cousin Wilder, Max, and Sarah, my wife, on a trip to the Tilden Park Steam Trains in December 2000.

Last modified: 11 June 2005.