John Q McDonald

"All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster's autobiography." -- Federico Fellini

Tybee Island Light Sunset in San Francisco Sunset in San Francisco Sunset in San Francisco Iris 46th & Lincoln A View from the King George Hotel Sunol Arrow Bay Bridge A Yosemite Night Golden Gate A California Hills Study A Mauna Kea Cook's Cove, Mendocino
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Also, writings:

"Planet under Construction," John Q McDonald, 2018, Permanent Vacation, vol. 2 anthology, Bona Fide Books

"A Thousand Years for Thousand Oaks," John Q McDonald, 2015, Clog: Landmark, Fall 2015

"Mutable Space," John Q McDonald, 2014, Edge Condition, 3, on-line

"Aquae Tempus," John Q McDonald, 2012, The First Line, 14, no 2

"Desolation," John Q McDonald, 2012, Tahoe Blues anthology, Bona Fide Books

"Of Turtles & Rockets," John Q McDonald, 2010, EarthSpeak, 2, on-line

"A Tune in the Key of Empty," John Q McDonald, 2009, Amoskeag, 26, no 1

"Four Boots of Two Islands," John Q McDonald, 2007, Isotope, 5.1

"Fear and Loathing on Election Night, '88," John Q McDonald, 2007, Out of Line

"Fragments of Metal and Memory," John Q McDonald, 2006, Raving Dove on-line

"Air, Cinders, Stars, Earth," John Q McDonald, 2004, Isotope, 2.1

"Grand Old Flag," John Q McDonald, 2004, Out of Line

"The Architecture of a Dream," John Q McDonald, 2001, Spectacle, 4, no 1

"Killing Time," John McDonald, 2000, The Larcom Review, 1, no 2

"A Postcard from Lands End," John Q McDonald, 1999, Messages from the Heart, 7, no 4

"Maine Line," John Q McDonald, 1998, Death and Doughnuts, Griggs Anthology, Manfit Press

"Bead: Everett," John Q McDonald, 1995, Fifth Column, 9, no 1

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Honorable Mention, 2014 The Great War to End all Wars Writing Contest

Third Prize, 2014 Alameda County Fair Plein-Air Art Contest

Finalist, Fiction, 2009 San Francisco Writers Conference Contest

Finalist, Fiction, 2008 San Francisco Writers Conference Contest

Finalist, Non-Fiction & Memoir, 2007 San Francisco Writers Conference Contest

Finalist, Non-Fiction, 2006 Isotope Editors' Prizes

Third Place, Adult non-Fiction, 1998 Across the River writing contest, San Ramon, CA

updated: May 2018