2018 RHESSI Science Nuggets

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RHESSI Nugget Index RHESSI Nugget Index RHESSI Nugget First Author RHESSI Nugget Second Author RHESSI Nugget Date
A Curious Sunspot Group in 2018 314314 Hugh Hudson 2458132.514 January 2018
Parameterized Flare Models with Chromospheric Compressions 315315 Adam F. Kowalski Joel C. Allred 2458135.517 January 2018
MinXSS and RHESSI measure flare spectra over 1-15 keV 316316 Chris Moore Brian Dennis and MinXSS 2458154.55 February 2018
Joint MinXSS and RHESSI Flare X-ray Spectra between 1 and 15 keV 316316 Chris Moore Brian Dennis and the MinXSS Science Team 2458154.55 February 2018
Non-Maxwellian Diagnostics from SDO/EVE Spectra of an X-class Flare 317317 Elena Dzifčáková Jaroslav Dudík 2458168.519 February 2018
Homologous CME/flares from AR 12371 318318 Panditi Vemareddy Pascal Demoulín 2458196.519 March 2018
NuSTAR detects X-ray flares in the quiet Sun 319319 Matej Kuhar 2458203.526 March 2018
Blue-wing enhancement of the Mg II h and k lines in a flare 320320 Akiko TEI 2458216.58 April 2018
A Sunspot from Cycle 25 for sure 321321 Tomek Mrozek Hugh Hudson 2458218.510 April 2018
Observation of Cosmic Ray Spallation Events from SoHO 322322 Serge Koutchmy Ehsan Tavabi 2458245.57 May 2018
To Beam or not to beam - that is (still) the question 323323 Paulo Simões Hugh Hudson 2458252.514 May 2018
To beam or not to beam - that is (still) the question 323323 Paulo Simões Hugh Hudson 2458252.514 May 2018
Understanding HMI pseudocontinuum in white-light flares 324324 Michal Švanda 2458266.528 May 2018
A remarkable, but confused, coronal hard X-ray source 325325 Alexandra Lysenko Larisa Kashapova, Hugh Hudson 2458294.525 June 2018
Coronal nanoflares powered by footpoint reconnection 326326 Pradeep Chitta, Hardi Peter and Sami Solanki 2458308.59 July 2018
Microwave Imaging Spectroscopy of Flares is Here 327327 Dale E. Gary EOVSA and RHESSI Teams 2458315.516 July 2018
The true dawn of multimessenger astronomy 328328 Hugh Hudson 2458322.523 July 2018
3D Magnetic Reconnection at a Coronal Null Point 329329 Shane Maloney Aidan O'Flannagain and Peter Gallagher 2458329.530 July 2018
Understanding the co-spatial return current in solar flares 330330 Meriem Alaoui Gordon Holman 2458336.56 August 2018
New Views of Global Solar Magnetic Field Evolution Over Four Solar Cycles 331331 David Webb 2458350.520 August 2018

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