Alphabetic List of Data Access Commands

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Command Category Purpose Author(s)
eit_test Testing Runs vso_prep with eit sample data. D. Zarro
euvi_test Testing Runs vso_prep with euvi sample data. D. Zarro
locate_java System Tool Searches for a valid/compatible JVM to be used with the IDL Java Bridge. L. Etesi
plotman Visualization Our main data visualization tool K. Tolbert
rhessi_test Testing Runs vso_prep with rhessi sample data. D. Zarro
show_synop Search, Pre-processing, Visualization Our main GUI for searching, pre-processing, and visualizing data D. Zarro
trace_test Testing Runs vso_prep with rhessi sample data. D. Zarro
vso_debug Debugging Retrieves Java error messages. D. Zarro
vso_files Search Searches the VSO for data. Takes time and instrument as parameters. D. Zarro
vso_prep Pre-Processing IDL client for remote pre-processing of solar data. D. Zarro, L. Etesi
vso_search Search Same as vso_files but allows for more parameters. J. Hourclé
xrt_test Testing Runs vso_prep with xrt sample data. D. Zarro
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