Tohban Report 2008-10-15

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Tohban Reports
Start Date: 08 Sep 2008
End Date: 15 Oct 2008
Tohban: Hugh Hudson
Tohban email:
Next Tohban: Steven Christe
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Solar Activity

Activity! now at least three centers in the N hemisphere, one with a sunspot of area 40 millionths as of 10/14. GOES is still not much perturbed, but a little bit. The era of offpoint quiet-Sun observations may be coming to an end, and we might get our hoped-for major events at any time.

Memory Management

SSR well-behaved.


CP2 @ 96 degrees

Data Survey

Tiny and irrelevant, but odd event at 04:32 10-Oct, 10:30 15-Oct Processed data gap 10/10 21:00 10/11 01:25, gap 11/11 @ 18:15. Garbled data 11/12 10:45

Spacecraft Operations

Normal as far as a tohban can tell. Return to Sun pointing on 9-Oct.

Next Tohban: Steven Christe

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