Tohban Report 2008-11-26

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Tohban Reports
Start Date: 19 Nov 2008
End Date: 26 Nov 2008
Tohban: Hugh Hudson
Tohban email:
Next Tohban: Lindsay Glesener
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Solar Activity

Absolutely none. Some sub-A things in GOES, none obviously solar. There's a likely "nanoflare" (not really, just a small microflare) here, weighing in at 3 cps in the RHESSI 6-12 QL band. HSI_TOHBAN_FLARE_COUNTER says:

"No GOES flares for Time Range"

It seems that the minimal flurry activity we had in October was not yet the beginning of Cycle 24. The RHESSI Science Nugget scheduled for Dec. 15 will take this matter up, since it is relevant to the question of the schedule for re-annealing.

Things of note

There were two arcs apparently exactly one orbital period apart, which made the tohban look twice (20-Nov 01:00 and 02:36). Certainly a coincidence.

If there were interest in offpointing, this would be a good time for more of it.

Memory Managment

Decimation was normal/active for the week. Front segment events are turned on during eclipses. The SSR is at not getting to 0% at the end of each day's ground station contacts, but the levels are manageable.

Data Gaps


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