Tohban Report 2009-01-21

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Tohban Reports
Start Date: 15 Jan 2009
End Date: 21 Jan 2009
Tohban: Albert Shih
Tohban email:
Next Tohban: Amir Caspi
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Solar Activity

The Sun has been very quiet after the subsidence of AR 11010 (which was a new-cycle region).

No GOES flares for Time Range

Memory Management

The SSR has been emptying a bit slower due to about one fewer pass per day on average. The decimation is normal/active and front-segment events are being recorded in eclipse.

Data Gaps

These data gaps are (primarily) due to bad data from Wallops LEO-T. They are supposedly fixing the problem.

GAP START TIME              GAP END TIME                   GAP (SEC)
2009-01-15T12:35:00.000 -- 2009-01-15T12:40:00.000       300.00000
2009-01-15T12:50:00.000 -- 2009-01-15T12:55:00.000       300.00000
2009-01-15T14:15:00.000 -- 2009-01-15T14:20:00.000       300.00000
2009-01-16T10:25:00.000 -- 2009-01-16T10:35:00.000       600.00000
2009-01-16T10:45:00.000 -- 2009-01-16T10:55:00.000       600.00000
2009-01-16T11:00:00.000 -- 2009-01-16T11:05:00.000       300.00000
2009-01-17T09:00:00.000 -- 2009-01-17T09:10:00.000       600.00000
2009-01-17T12:50:00.000 -- 2009-01-17T12:55:00.000       300.00000
2009-01-20T12:25:00.000 -- 2009-01-20T12:30:00.000       300.00000

Spacecraft Operations

The spacecraft was spun up and the high voltages on detectors 6 and 8 were reduced by 6 steps each. On January 19th, there was a command lock-out that resulted from bad telemetry data at Wallops, and the spacecraft needed to be manually commanded to override. On January 21st, the V-T curve for battery charging was changed.

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