Tohban Report 2009-03-11

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Tohban Reports
Start Date: 04 Mar 2009
End Date: 11 Mar 2009
Tohban: Pascal Saint-Hilaire
Tohban email:
Next Tohban: Steve Christe
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Solar Activity

Very calm: the GOES LO channel was flat-lined the whole week. A weak active region (AR 11014) appeared in the middle of the week, but did not amount to anything interesting X-ray-wise.

Memory Management

Max SSR fill is about 25%, goes down to 0% at the end of each daily pass set. The decimation is normal/active and front-segment events are being recorded during eclipse.

Data Gaps

On March 4, there are a few 5 or 10-mins gaps. Another one on the 5th, and two more on the 7th. Given the Sun's inactivity, it is probably not worht replaying them.

Spacecraft Operations

Cold Plate 2, now at 97.9K, is 0.3 K warmer than last week.

Email from Jeremy on 2009/03/05:

Today, between 064-21:43 UT and 065-01:20 UT we spun up to 15.00 RPM. We also lowered the voltages on detectors 6 and 8 by 6 steps as discussed in the meeting yesterday. The exact time of the HV commanding was:

09-064-23:20:12 /ihvdac detector=6, voltage=109 09-064-23:20:38 /ihvdac detector=8, voltage=113

Detectors 6 and 8 remained segmented.

It was decided to offpoint and go into tail-dragging mode, for quiet Sun measurements.

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