Tohban Report 2009-03-25

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Tohban Reports
Start Date: 19 Mar 2009
End Date: 25 Mar 2009
Tohban: Albert Shih
Tohban email:
Next Tohban: Martin Fivian
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Solar Activity

The Sun has been very quiet, with no active regions.

No GOES flares for Time Range

Memory Management

RHESSI has returned to normal sun observations, so decimation is set to normal/active. The SSR has not emptied as quickly due to fewer Wallops passes for Shuttle support.

Data Gaps

Gaps are due to data quality issues at Wallops (LEO-T?).

GAP START TIME              GAP END TIME                   GAP (SEC)
2009-03-18T05:40:00.000 -- 2009-03-18T07:15:00.000       5700.0000
2009-03-18T11:35:00.000 -- 2009-03-18T12:05:00.000       1800.0000
2009-03-18T12:10:00.000 -- 2009-03-18T13:00:00.000       3000.0000 

Spacecraft Operations

The spacecraft returned to normal pointing on Mar 20 (DoY 79) at 19:10 UTC. Cold plate temperature is ~97.3 K.

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