Tohban Report 2010-06-09

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Tohban Reports
Start Date: 02 June 2010
End Date: 09 June 2010
Tohban: Lindsay Glesener
Tohban email:
Next Tohban: Gordon Hurford
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Solar Activity

Only 1 active region is on the Sun right now, about to rotate off. There were 12 B flares, 5 caught by RHESSI. STEREO B and Farside show nothing exciting on the horizon. So we won't miss much when we move to...

Crab Operations

Tonight we start offpointing in preparation for Crab observations. In preparation, Ops has loaded in the ACS patch for offpointing (note that this caused a reboot and may affect the clock synchronization) and will load the ACS tables soon. We are now taking data in both magnetic zones and will switch from normal/vigorous to Crab decimation when we are nearing the Crab.

This year Hazel, Claire, and Juan Carlos will be pitching in to help with the night shifts, in addition to the usual seasoned veterans. At Martin's request, please use the command format that is in Gordon's documentation, and copy/paste the needed commands into this, in order to have a standard readable format for Ops to use. For all those involved in Crab operations, there will be a 1 pm PDT Skype meeting to go over the drill.

Other RHESSI operations

The SSR is now emptying after each pass, with a max this week of 42%. The improvement is due to more passes (10/day) and the lack of data recording during eclipse.

Cold plate 2 is down to 95.6K; the drop is due to the lengthening of the day (longest day soon).

Science presentation

Dick Canfield presented an analysis of Max Millenium major flare watches (MFW) over the last solar cycle. See the meeting email for a link.

RHESSI Workshop coming up

Please register for the RHESSI workshop to be held in August in Annapolis. In addition, please consider registering for the additional 1-day workshop on the subject of planning for future missions.

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