Tohban Report 2011-08-24

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Tohban Reports
Start Date: 17 August 2011
End Date: 24 August 2011
Tohban: Claire Raftery
Tohban email:
Next Tohban: Hazel
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Solar Activity

Solar activity was low this week with only minor C class flares occurring despite the presence of a beta-gamma-delta region for much of the week. All regions on disk are currently in decay however, a large active region is just behind the east limb and may bring more activity.

How many GOES flares occurred?

Flares above B, C, M, X class were     35     8     0     0

And how many of these are listed in the RHESSI flare list?

Flares above B, C, M, X class were     21     7     0     0

And how many had EXCELLENT coverage?

Flares above B, C, M, X class were     12     3     0     0

There were RHESSI flares/GOES flares 159 / 43 over the time range 17-Aug-11 24-Aug-11

Memory Management

The SSR is emptying at the end of the daily passes, max 22%. David Smith will initiate taking events at night time this week so SSR should be monitored. In addition, a hurricane is due to hit Wallops on Saturday. Greg is preempting this by switching passes to San Diago and Walheim. However, if this can't happen, Wallops may not be operable. Again, SSR should be monitored.

Data Gaps

There were no data gaps this week.

Spacecraft Status

We remain in normal/vigorous decimation mode. Spin rate is 14.8. Cold plate 2 and CPC temperatures are trending normally with the shorter day length (102.1 K and 56.2 C respectively).

Detector 8 showed further bouts of high noise, the latest one being at 13:30UT on the 23rd. Following this, the G8 HV was dropped by a further 6 steps to 189 (~1600 local, 00:00UT on the 24th).

There has been no indication of the pointing anomaly mentioned last week based on the Browser quicklook images.

An isolated spike in G3 fronts was observed here. Will consult with David.

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