Tohban Report 2015-03-04

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Tohban Reports
Start Date: 25 Feb 2015
End Date: 4 Mar 2015
Tohban: Milo Buitrago-Casas & Lindsay Glesener
Tohban email:
Next Tohban: Lindsay Glesener
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Solar Activity

Overall, solar activity this week was a bit higher than last. There are 2 active regions on the disk, both at the west limb producing many C and M class flares. This is a fairly recent burst of activity that started early Tuesday; before that time solar activity was quiet-to-moderate. These two AR will rotate off any second, and there isn't a lot else active, so solar activity is expected to drop soon. There should be a day or two of good opportunity for occulted flares.

How many GOES flares occurred?

 Flares above B, C, M, X class were      6    26     4     0

And how many of these are listed in the RHESSI flare list?

 Flares above B, C, M, X class were      4    17     4     0

And how many had EXCELLENT coverage?

 Flares above B, C, M, X class were      0     0     0     0

There were RHESSI flares/GOES flares 208 / 36 over the time range 24-Feb-15 03-Mar-15

Memory Management

The SSR fill slowly crept up over the week, and by Tuesday was reaching a max of almost 50%. That coincided with the burst of solar activity during last couple of days, so nighttime events were asked to be turned off this morning. Other actions should be consider for the next Tohban, like changing decimation even if solar activity is draping down and change D6 and D9 thresholds to their previous values. Currently SSR is around 23% filled.

Spacecraft Status

Data Gaps

No Data Gaps this week.


Cold Plate Temperatures 1 and 2 showed a similar behaviour to the one of the last week. Cryocooler is still running at 97% of maximum allowed power. Next Tohban should keep an eye on the Cryocooler parameters.

Detector issues

On January 26 we changed Rear Fast threshold for detector nine [G9] in two steps at 18:43 and 20:22 UTC

Threshold [G9] Rear Fast
Initial 0x60
Final 0x70

D6 Front Fast threshold was changed on February 27, 2015 at 21:41 UTC.

Threshold [G6] Front Fast
Initial 0x30
Final 0x40

Both changes seem to have done the trick in terms of reducing rates for D6 Front Fast and D9 Rear Fast.

Other notes

Is it maybe a time for an spin up?

Spacecraft Management

Decimation Normal/Vigorous
Night time data (fronts) No full nighttime events
Night time data (rears) No full nighttime events
Require extra passes? No
Requirement for moving pointer? No
Attenuator operation Normal
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