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[[2016 RHESSI Science Nuggets|Next Year]]
[[2016 RHESSI Science Nuggets|Next Year]]
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[[Category:RHESSI Nugget List]]

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RHESSI Nugget Index RHESSI Nugget Index RHESSI Nugget First Author RHESSI Nugget Second Author RHESSI Nugget Date
Above-the-Looptop Sources 244244 Mitsuo Oka Säm Krucker 2457034.512 January 2015
Flare Heating by Mildly Non-thermal Particles 245245 Jeffrey Reep 2457048.526 January 2015
Glasgow Callisto and CMEless type II bursts 246246 Peter Wakeford Hugh Hudson 2457069.516 February 2015
Solar Physics during the March 2015 Solar Eclipse 247247 Hamish Reid Hugh Hudson 2457090.59 March 2015
Daily solar mm-observations at Aalto University Metsähovi Radio Observatory 248248 Juha Kallunki Minttu Uunila 2457097.516 March 2015
Soft X-ray emission in kink-unstable coronal loops 249249 Rui Pinto Nicole Vilmer, Sacha Brun 2457111.530 March 2015
RHESSI Detection of X-ray Emission from a Quiet-Sun Filament Eruption 250250 Gordon Holman Adi Foord 2457125.513 April 2015
Ionospheric Effects, Flare History, and Dick Donnelly 251251 Hugh Hudson Peter Gallagher 2457139.527 April 2015
EOVSA Coverage of a Recent Gamma-Ray Flare 252252 Dale E. Gary Gregory Fleishman 2457152.510 May 2015
"Superflares" on solar-type stars observed with Kepler 253253 Hiroyuki Maehara 2457174.51 June 2015
High Dispersion Spectroscopy of solar-type superflare stars 254254 Yuta Notsu 2457181.58 June 2015
High-energy Electrons and Electric Currents during a Flare 255255 Sophie Musset, Nicole Vilmer and Véronique Bommier 2457195.522 June 2015
The Fastest Flare 256256 Hugh Hudson Paulo Simões 2457202.529 June 2015
A Two-ribbon White-light Flare Associated with a Failed Solar Eruption 257257 Xin Cheng 2457217.514 July 2015
High Energies in the Inner Heliosphere 258258 Hugh Hudson 2457258.524 August 2015
Return-current Model Spectra and Enhanced Plasma Resistivity 259259 Meriem Alaoui and Gordon Holman 2457265.531 August 2015
RHESSI and General Relativity 260260 Bill Thompson and Hugh Hudson 2457272.57 September 2015
Photospheric Electric Fields and Energy Fluxes in the Eruptive Active Region NOAA 11158 261261 Maria Kazachenko 2457279.514 September 2015
Fine Structure in Flare Soft X-ray Light Curves 262262 Brian Dennis Kim Tolbert 2457286.521 September 2015
Soft and Hard X-rays, Flares, and the Corona 263263 Hugh Hudson 2457315.520 October 2015
How to better determine the power in non-thermal electrons from observed X-ray spectra 264264 Eduard Kontar Gordon Emslie, Natasha Jeffrey, Nic Bian 2457342.516 November 2015
On the Correlation of HXR and WL Emission in Solar Flares 265265 Matej Kuhar 2457349.523 November 2015
Hard X-ray Directivity Measurements with STIX and MiSolFA 266266 Diego Casadei Hugh Hudson 2457363.57 December 2015

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