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RHESSI Nugget Index RHESSI Nugget Index RHESSI Nugget First Author RHESSI Nugget Second Author RHESSI Nugget Date
When the Earth’s atmosphere becomes dynamic… 267267 Manuela Temmer Sandro Krauss and Astrid Veronig 2457433.515 February 2016
A new development in the Frost-Dennis paradigm 268268 Hugh Hudson Melissa Pesce-Rollins and Larisa Kashapova 2457440.522 February 2016
RHESSI's 5th Anneal 269269 Albert Shih Brian Dennis 2457441.523 February 2016
An Unreported White-light Prominence 270270 Matt Penn Hugh Hudson 2457475.528 March 2016
Radio polarization signatures in twisted flare loops 271271 Ivan Sharykin Alexei Kuznetsov 2457503.525 April 2016
Extreme events, stellar evolution, and magnetic reconnection 272272 Hugh Hudson 2457508.530 April 2016
Electron acceleration and hard X-ray emission from SOL2013-11-09 273273 Yuri Tsap Galina Motorina 2457513.55 May 2016
Data-driven radiative hydrodynamic modeling of SOL2014-03-29 274274 Fatima Rubio da Costa 2457518.510 May 2016
Non-thermal recombination in solar flares and microflares 275275 Jeffrey Reep John Brown 2457545.56 June 2016
RHESSI has resumed operations 276276 Albert Shih, Säm Krucker and Brian Dennis 2457559.520 June 2016
Spotlessness returns 277277 Hugh Hudson 2457566.527 June 2016
Initiation of a type II radio burst without a CME 278278 Pankaj Kumar, Davina Innes, and Kyung-Suk Cho 2457573.54 July 2016
Unexpected intensity distributions of solar electrons in the heliosphere 279279 Andreas Klassen SEPT/STEREO team 2457580.511 July 2016
Solar flare neutrons observed on the ground and in space 280280 Alexander MacKinnon 2457613.513 August 2016
To be or not to be - the role of projection effects in EUV imaging 281281 Karin Dissauer Manuela Temmer 2457615.515 August 2016
A flare in the deep solar atmosphere 282282 Richard Schwartz Hugh Hudson 2457657.526 September 2016
Hard X-ray Polarimetry from Tian Gong 2 283283 Wojtek Hajdas 2457681.520 October 2016
Flare-induced Impulsive Sunspot Rotation caught in High Resolution 284284 Chang Liu Haimin Wang 2457685.524 October 2016
Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Flare Hard X-ray Pulsations 285285 Ivan Zimovets Sergey Kuznetsov, Alexander Morgachev, and Alexei Struminsky 2457692.531 October 2016
Microwave Emission from Twisted Magnetic Fields 286286 Mykola Gordovskyy and Phillippa Browning 2457705.513 November 2016
KW-Sun: The Konus/WIND Hard X-ray Solar Flare Database 287287 Alexandra Lysenko and the Konus/WIND Team 2457712.520 November 2016
Statistical Link Between Electrons Emitting X-rays and Type III Radio Bursts 288288 Hamish Reid and Nicole Vilmer 2457741.519 December 2016
Syrovatskii's "constant density" approximation 289289 Hugh Hudson and Paulo Simöes 2457751.529 December 2016

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