2019 RHESSI Science Nuggets

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RHESSI Nugget Index RHESSI Nugget Index RHESSI Nugget First Author RHESSI Nugget Second Author RHESSI Nugget Date
The Interesting RHESSI/SAS Archive 342342 Hugh Hudson Martin Fivian 2458490.57 January 2019
Short-Period Waves 343343 Sijie YU Bin CHEN 2458504.521 January 2019
Linear Polarization in H-alpha Flares 344344 Tomoko KAWATE Yoichiro HANAOKA 2458518.54 February 2019
An energetic pre-flare: electron distributions in magnetic reconnection outflows 345345 Marina BATTAGLIA Eduard KONTAR and Galina MOTORINA 2458532.518 February 2019
Is the coronal magnetic field braiding? 346346 Markus Aschwanden 2458553.511 March 2019
Persistent Quasi-Periodic Pulsations Detected During the Large X8.2 Solar Flare 347347 Laura HAYES Peter GALLAGHER 2458567.525 March 2019
Multiple Regions of Shock-accelerated Particles during a Solar Coronal Mass Ejection 348348 Diana MOROSAN 2458574.51 April 2019
Warm UV loops heated by small-scale cancellation events 349349 Seray Şahin Vasyl Yurchyshyn 2458595.522 April 2019
Kristian Birkeland 350350 Hugh HUDSON Lyndsay FLETCHER 2458609.56 May 2019
The Cosmic-Ray Shadow and Coronal Magnetism 351351 Frederik Tenholt 2458616.513 May 2019
Broken-up hard X-ray spectra found for a loop-top source during a solar limb flare 352352 Hao NING Yao CHEN and Jeongwoo LEE 2458650.516 June 2019
Localized Microwave and EUV Bright Structures in an Eruptive Prominence 353353 Jing HUANG 2458657.523 June 2019
Do Kepler Superflare Stars Really Include Slowly Rotating Sun-like Stars? 354354 Yuta NOTSU 2458672.58 July 2019
Stealth Coronal Mass Ejections from Active Regions 355355 Jennifer O'Kane 2458683.519 July 2019
A Cool Star Flare Reveals an Unexpectedly Hot Emission Component 356356 C. S. Froning A. Kowalski & K. France 2458724.529 August 2019
EVE-RHESSI DEM Models and the Low-energy Cutoff for Nonthermal Electrons 356356 Jim McTiernan 2458735.59 September 2019
Dynamic Processes of the Moreton Wave on 2014 March 29 357357 Denis Cabezas and the FMT team 2458742.516 September 2019
The "Last Best" Flares 358358 Hugh Hudson, Ed Cliver and Brian Dennis 2458750.524 September 2019
Searching SOLfully within the Nuggets 360360 Hugh Hudson 2458763.57 October 2019
Non-radial jets on the edges of active regions 361361 Peter Wyper 2458770.514 October 2019
Can magnetic reconnection cause solar rainstorms? 362362 Petra Kohutova 2458791.54 November 2019
Flare waiting times depend on their magnitudes 363363 Hugh Hudson 2458798.511 November 2019
Lorentz Force Evolution Reveals the Energy Build-up Processes during Recurrent Eruptive Solar Flares 364364 Ranadeep Sarkar, Nandita Srivastava, and Astrid M. Veronig 2458805.518 November 2019
Spectropolarimetric Insight into Plasma-Sheet Dynamics of a Solar Flare 365365 Ryan French {see text) 2458826.59 December 2019
Cosmic Rays over the Rainbow Bridge 366366 Hugh Hudson Alec MacKinnon 2458833.516 December 2019
A Global Survey of EUV Coronal Power Spectra 367367 Karl Battams 2458848.531 December 2019

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