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Pages using the property "RHESSI Nugget First Author"

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"Impulse Response Flares" and Gamma Rays +Hugh Hudson  +
"Superflares" on solar-type stars observed with Kepler +Hiroyuki Maehara  +


3D Magnetic Reconnection at a Coronal Null Point +Shane Maloney  +


A Bad Time for Flares but a Good Time for Debris +W. Dean Pesnell  +
A Cool Star Flare Reveals an Unexpectedly Hot Emission Component +C. S. Froning  +
A Curious Sunspot Group in 2018 +Hugh Hudson  +
A Flare in 3D +Hugh Hudson  +
A Global Survey of EUV Coronal Power Spectra +Karl Battams  +
A Hot Cusp-Shaped Confined Solar Flare +Aaron Hernandez-Perez  +
A Lasso Model for Solar Gamma-ray Events +Hugh Hudson  +
A New Day Dawns +Dale E. Gary  +
A PSP Perihelion +Jessie Duncan  +
A Pion Event +Gerard Trottet  +
A Record-Setting CMEless Flare +Sam Freeland  +
A STEREO/RHESSI Flare at Solar Minimum +Hugh Hudson  +
A Shocking Type II +Hazel Bain  +
A Solar Hard X-Ray Halo: Exploring the Quiet Sun 2 +Alec MacKinnon  +
A Sunspot from Cycle 25 for sure +Tomek Mrozek  +
A Two-ribbon White-light Flare Associated with a Failed Solar Eruption +Xin Cheng  +
A Wonderful Cycle 24 Flare +Säm Krucker  +
A flare in the deep solar atmosphere +Richard Schwartz  +
A hard wee flare observed with RHESSI and Hinode/XRT +Iain Hannah  +
A huge gamma-ray burst +David Smith  +
A last best active region +Säm Krucker  +
A myriad of microflares +Iain Hannah  +
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