Tohban Report 2008-10-01

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is functioning normally.
is functioning normally.
[[Category:Tohban Reports 2008]]
[[Category:Tohban Report 2008]]

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Tohban Reports
Start Date: 24 Sep 2008
End Date: 01 Oct 2008
Tohban: Lindsay Glesener
Tohban email:
Next Tohban: Pascal St-Hilaire
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Solar Activity

Very quiet Sun, no active regions.

Off Pointing

As requested by Hugh and Iain, offpointing was started on Monday (08-274-00:15:05 UT) to coordinate with Hinode in taking quiet Sun data. We will keep offpointing for the remainder of this week unless solar activity picks up.

Memory Management

SSR fill remains high, currently at 44%. This should improve due to more daytime passes and not taking front segment data during eclipse. (We stopped taking fronts during eclipse on Sept. 28.)

Data Gaps

GAPS IN APP_ID = 102 (VC3-MONITOR RATES) WITH PACKET RATE LT 30 GAP START TIME GAP END TIME GAP (SEC) 2008-09-26T22:50:00.000 -- 2008-09-26T22:55:00.000 300.00000 2008-09-28T11:45:00.000 -- 2008-09-28T12:20:00.000 2100.0000 2008-09-30T02:10:00.000 -- 2008-10-01T00:00:00.000 78600.000

Spacecraft Operations

Since we are offpointing, attenuator logic is disabled and decimation is quiet/crab. Front segments data are not being taken during eclipse. Cold plate 2 is creeping up again, now at 95.4 K, but the cryocooler is functioning normally.

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