Tohban Report 2009-10-07

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Tohban Reports
Start Date: 30 Sept 2009warning.pngThe date "30 Sept 2009" was not understood.
End Date: 7 Oct 2009
Tohban: Neus Agueda
Tohban email:
Next Tohban: Lindsay Glesener
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Solar Activity

NOAA active regions 11026 and 11027 produced several mid-A-class flares, and one B7.0 flare that was caught by RHESSI. The northern active region (11027) rotated over the west limb on Oct. 3 and the southern active region (11026) rotated over the west limb on Oct. 5. No active regions/flares after their west limb passage.

Memory Management

The SSR has been higher than normal. Due to some missed passes last week, it reached a max of 40% on Oct. 6. The numerous passes expected for the following week should lower the trend.

Data Gaps

No data gaps.

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