Tohban Report 2015-12-16

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Tohban Reports
Start Date: 9 Dec 2015
End Date: 16 Dec 2015
Tohban: Mitsuo Oka
Tohban email:
Next Tohban: TBD
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Solar Activity

Memory Management

Decimation was active/vigorous for the full time period. Both front and rear detectors are off during SC night, except for 4 minutes on either side. The SSR is not emptying out.

Spacecraft Status

The cold plates, 1 and 2 were at 136.9 and 135.4 K, on 2015-11-30.

Data Gaps

Detector issues


Dec 09, 23:42, raised front fast threshold from 0x70 to 0xFF


Dec 10, 16:42-18:19, power-cycling


Dec 10, 21:38, lowered HV from 1500 V to 1000 V
Dec 12, 00:33, events turned on for 3.5 min


Dec 10, 19:58, lowered front slow threshold from 0x40 to 0x30
Dec 12, 00:30, lowered front slow threshold from 0x30 to 0x20


Dec 10, 21:38, lowered front slow threshold from 0x20 to 0x10
Dec 12, 00:33, lowered HV from 3500 to 3300 V
Dec 12, 19:20, raised front slow threshold from 0x10 to 0x20 

Other notes

Spacecraft Management

Decimation Active/Vigorous
HLAT Decimation Rear decimation weight 6, no front decimation
Night time data (fronts) +/- 4 minutes
Night time data (rears) +/- 4 minutes
Require extra passes? No
Requirement for moving pointer? No
Attenuator operation Working as expected
Detector problems? See notes above.
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