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For Visitors

Welcome to the RHESSI Wiki! This wiki was created to support the RHESSI mission by providing a centralized location for various information related to RHESSI. This wiki hosts the RHESSI Science Nuggets as well as software guides for the extensive library of software that supports RHESSI data analysis. Miscellaneous other topics also are also hosted here. To start looking around head to the "Main Page" which provides links to various articles on this wiki. You can find this link in the "Navigation" pane on left-hand side. A direct link to the RHESSI Science Nuggets and Software documentation is also provided. You can also just search for a topic that you are interested. You can also just browse all of the pages, listed alphabetically, by clicking here. More options can be found in the navigation and toolbox on the left. For example, you can browse only those pages which were recently changed or a random page. If you would like to contribute to this wiki by becoming an author read on!

For Authors

Only those with an account on this wiki can author articles on the RHESSI Wiki (unlike Wikipedia which is open to all). If you are an author (or a would-be author) please read the following article. If you need general help with how to edit a wiki go on to the Editing section.


Anyone with an account on this wiki can edit and create articles on the RHESSI wiki. If you'd like an account please contact the wikisysop (steven.d.christe at nasa ). If you'd need help learning how to edit please go to read the following article. A useful page which lists examples of wiki code can be found here.

For the Sysadmin

To edit the sidebar navigation pane, edit the article MediaWiki:Sidebar.

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