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The Graphical User Interface to the HESSI data analysis software is an IDL widget program that allows users to display, analyze, and store HESSI image, spectrum, lightcurve, and observing summary data, as well as view data from ancillary sources.

The GUI is an easy-to-use interface to a subset of the functionality available by calling programs explicitly using the command line interface to the HESSI software. The drawback to using the command line is that it requires some knowledge of IDL, knowledge of specific procedure and keyword names and syntax, and lots of typing. The GUI relieves you of those burdens but does not have the flexibility and power of the command line. The best approach probably is to use the GUI in combination with the command line. There are routines that give you access to the data objects used in the GUI from the command line. See the section on interactions between the GUI and the Command Line Interface.

Reports of problems should be sent to hessibugs@hesperia.gsfc.nasa.gov.

Getting Started

The HESSI GUI software is distributed with the HESSI branch of SSW. It is assumed that you have already installed IDL and SSW successfully and have access to the HESSI data files. Please see the HESSI Data Analysis Software FAQ if you have problems with your setup.

Quick Start

Start SSWIDL, and type hessi.

To make an image of the default flare:

   * click File / 'Retrieve/Process Data' / Image
   * in the image widget that appears, click 'Make/Plot  Image(s)'

To plot a time profile of the default flare:

   * click File / 'Retrieve/Process Data' / 'Observing Summary Data'
   * in the Observing Summary Data widget that appears, click 'Plot Observing Summary Data'

Use options under Plot_Control to change plotting options; use options under Window_Control to choose which plot to display.

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