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This page describes the steps necessary to create and edit your own article. This information is generally valid for creating any kind of article on this wiki but may be particularly useful to new Nugget authors.


Creating an Article

All pages on this wiki are articles including the RHESSI science nuggets. In order to create a new article a title must first be chosen. The title of an article cannot be changed so choose your article title carefully! It is possible to move the content from one article to another with a different title but this is not a recommended practice. There are two main ways to create an article.

Writing your article

Writing a wiki article is very straightforward. Every article has an "edit" tab above it. Clicking that will open in the article in an editable window. Many formatting shortcuts can be found above the editing window. Since each article on this wiki can be edited, it is easy to learn by example. For more basic help with editing read the following article.

Adding Figures

In order to add a figure it is first necessary to upload the image to the wiki. This can be done by using the link on the left titled "Upload File". Please use a descriptive name for the file and add a description of its contents. Once uploaded the file can be added to articles using the following command

[[Image:POF.jpg|200px|thumb|right|'''Figure 1''': This is the figure caption.]]

whose results can be seen to the right. Most of these parameters should be self explanatory. The "thumb" parameters tells the wiki that this is a figure and therefore displays the figure caption. The float parameters (in this case set to "right") tells the wiki where to float the image. Possibilities include "left", "center", or "right".

Figure 1: This is the figure caption. Note that the figure has properlyy appeared on the right, but that you can't really control how the text will wrap around it - that depends on the browser.

If you'd like to experiment with more advanced methods read this article on Wikipedia's website.

Style and content

We try to write the Nuggets so that a technically literate reader won't be baffled. That means that the text should appear in plain English, and that jargon is a no-no. Many scientists don't realize they are writing gibberish so please be careful about this. On the plus side, you can freely use cgs units if you wish. Also please be aware that many of the audience are not native English speakers, so phrases like "X must have been a gutsy operator to have diagonalized those macrospicules" would not do so well. Writing as though for a newspaper, rather than as for a boring archival journal, would be best - there is no need really to have complete literature citation, since those really knowledgeable about the field will certainly know where to go (ADS).

Source Code

If you'd like to add actual source code in your article please use the following syntax.

// Hello World in Microsoft C# ("C-Sharp").
using System;
class HelloWorld
    public static int Main(String[] args)
        Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!");
        return 0;
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