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Welcome to the RHESSI Science Nuggets: science notes from RHESSI. The following is a time-ordered list of the latest Nuggets added to the wiki. An alphabetical list of wiki Nuggets is also available as well as yearly lists. We welcome volunteer authors - please see our page of help for authors.

331 New Views of Global Solar Magnetic Field Evolution Over Four Solar Cycles
27 August 2018 by David Webb
A digital archive of Pat McIntosh's 44 years of solar synoptic observations. Click the title to read more.
330 Understanding the co-spatial return current in solar flares
6 August 2018 by Meriem Alaoui and Gordon Holman
Completing the circuit in a thick-target model. Click the title to read more.
329 3D Magnetic Reconnection at a Coronal Null Point
30 July 2018 by Shane Maloney, Aidan O'Flannagain and Peter Gallagher
Large-scale reconnection involved in Type I radio noise storm. Click the title to read more.
328 The true dawn of multimessenger astronomy
23 July 2018 by Hugh Hudson
Ever since the Carrington flare. Click the title to read more.
327 Microwave Imaging Spectroscopy of Flares is Here‎
16 July 2018 by Dale E. Gary, EOVSA and RHESSI Teams
Microwave imaging spectroscopy takes a giant leap forward with SOL2017-09-10. Click the title to read more.
326 Coronal nanoflares powered by footpoint reconnection
9 July 2018 by Pradeep Chitta, Hardi Peter, and Sami Solanki
Coronal nanoflares in active region cores can be powered by the magnetic reconnection in the lower solar atmosphere. Click the title to read more.
325 A remarkable, but confused, coronal hard X-ray source
25 June 2018 by Alexandra Lysenko, Larisa Kashapova and Hugh Hudson
A remarkable flare in 1999 adds to our short list of extended coronal hard X-ray/microwave sources. Click the title to read more.
324 Understanding HMI pseudocontinuum in white-light flares‎
28 May 2018 by Michal Švanda et al.
The HMI pseudocontinuum (Ic) is ill-calibrated in regions with strong fields, i.e. for white-light flares. Click the title to read more.
323 To beam or not to beam - that is (still) the question
14 May 2018 by Paulo Simões and Hugh Hudson
Descriptions of the lower solar atmosphere of flares ca. Cycle 21 sound surprisingly current. Click the title to read more.
322 Observation of Cosmic Ray Spallation Events from SoHO‎
7 May 2018 by Serge Koutchmy and Ehsan Tavabi
LASCO's images capture high-energy nuclear interactions from cosmic-ray hits. Click the title to read more.
321 A Sunspot from Cycle 25 for sure
10 April 2018 by Tomek Mrozek and Hugh Hudson
YES! Cycle 25 is here!. Click the title to read more.
320 Blue-wing enhancement of the Mg II h and k lines in a flare
9 April 2018 by Akiko TEI
Flare loops involve a cool upflow preceding the hot evaporation flow. Click the title to read more.
319 NuSTAR detects X-ray flares in the quiet Sun
26 March 2018 by Matej Kuhar and Säm Krucker
Quiet-Sun flares may not be powerful, but they look a lot like ordinary flares. Click the title to read more.
318 Homologous CME/flares from AR 12371
19 March 2018 by Panditi Vemareddy and Pascal Demoulín
An excellent set of homologous flare/CMEs analyzed and explained. Click the title to read more.
317 Non-Maxwellian Diagnostics from SDO/EVE Spectra of an X-class Flare
16 February 2018 by Elena Dzifčáková and Jaroslav Dudík
Ratios of high-excitation ions can readily detect κ-distributions in flare plasmas. Click the title to read more.
316 Joint MinXSS and RHESSI Flare X-ray Spectra between 1 and 15 keV
5 February 2018 by Chris Moore, Brian Dennis and the MinXSS Science Team
MinXSS adds systematic views of flare soft X-ray spectra to RHESSI imagery. Click the title to read more.
315 Parameterized Flare Models with Chromospheric Compressions
17 January 2018 by Adam Kowalski & Joel Allred
A new approach to modeling the lower flare atmosphere. Click the title to read more.
314 A Curious Sunspot Group in 2018
14 January 2018 by Hugh Hudson
The first new sunspot group of 2018 emerged at the wrong latitude. Click the title to read more.
313 Tecumseh's Eclipse and Astrophysics
25 December 2017 by Hugh Hudson
The solar corona was first recognized as such, and named, in an eclipse of 1806. Click the title to read more.
312 Hunting for Hidden Tiny Flares
27 November 2017 by Shin-nosuke ISHIKAWA
FOXSI-2 says that episodic energy releases are still viable as a part of the coronal heating problem.. Click the title to read more.
311 Unusual Type III Burst Dynamics Produced by Diverging Magnetic Fields
20 November 2017 by Patrick McCauley
Unusual type III bursts follow coronal separatrix structures.. Click the title to read more.
310 Valderrama in the 21st Century
31 October 2017 by Hugh Hudson
A newly-described white-light flare from the 19th century!... Click the title to read more.
309 Electron Scattering in the Flaring Corona
24 October 2017 by Sophie Musset
Diffusive transport may contribute to the trapping of electrons in coronal X-ray sources. Click the title to read more.
308 The Power of Turbulence
25 September 2017 by Nic Bian
Turbulent energy content may underlie flare energy transfer, magnetic reconnection, and particle acceleration. Click the title to read more.
307 The Kelvin Force and Loop-Top Concentration
18 September 2017 by Kiyoto SHIBASAKI
New physics can explain the perplexing overpressure at the flare looptop regions. Click the title to read more.
306 The Last Best Flare of Cycle 24?
11 September 2017 by Säm Krucker and Hugh Hudson
Right on schedule, Cycle 24 has produced a great flare (with a GLE). Click the title to read more.
305 Electric Current Neutralization and Solar Eruption in Active Regions
28 August 2017 by Yang LIU
Active current systems in the solar corona don't have return currents. Click the title to read more.
304 RHESSI and the Megamovie
31 July 2017 by Hugh Hudson, Laura Peticolas, and Juan Carlos Martínez Oliveros
A wholly new way to view a solar eclipse, and to do solar astrometry. Click the title to read more.
303 Bastille Day 2017
24 July 2017 by Hugh Hudson and Säm Krucker
Interesting flares really do happen on Bastille Day.... Click the title to read more.
302 The Solar X-ray Limb III
12 June 2017 by Marina Battaglia and Gordon Hurford
RHESSI succeeds with a wholly new way to measure the solar diameter. Click the title to read more.
301 Double Coronal X-ray and Microwave Sources Associated With A Magnetic Breakout Solar Eruption
29 May 2017 by Yao CHEN
A different explanation of the double coronal hard X-ray sources. Click the title to read more.
300 A Lasso Model for Solar Gamma-ray Events
15 May 2017 by Hugh Hudson
A toy model hoping to explain the SEP/LAT relationship. Click the title to read more.

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