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Other data for this time:
  (includes MDI and EIT data)
  (includes AIA and LASCO data)
Radio Monitoring
  (includes WAVES and NRH data)
STEREO Daily Images
SDO/EVE Daily Plots (SAM)
MDI Farside Image (old)
SEP & CME Height/Time
Hinode/XRT Movies
RHESSI State-of-Health
  (password required) (gaps)
AIA Flare Cutout [SSW]
RHESSI Image Archive

Plot sources for this time:
    24-hour 2x12-hour orbit
Time-Based Quicklook:
    Per-min. det. spectra
Flare-Based Quicklook:
    Peak det. spectra
Quicklook Spectra (beta)
Cross-Mission Synoptic:
    w/ Hinode/EVE/IRIS
    w/ WIND
RHESSI Monitor Rates [PS]:
    Fronts: slow livetime
        ULD reset fast
    Rears: slow livetime
        ULD reset fast
    Rears: slow livetime
        ULD reset fast
Fermi/GBM: day orbit
Fermi/LAT: light-bucket
EOVSA Radio Data
Low-Frequency Radio:
    Callisto Glasgow

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Written by Albert Y. Shih * * *
Thanks to (in alphabetical order):
  A. Caspi, S. Christe, E. Rauscher,
  and J. Sample
Last major update: July 7, 2020

NEW PLOTS: In addition to the EOVSA daily spectrogram, there are now EOVSA daily images in six frequency bands.

NEW PLOTS: We now include the new set of flare-based cross-mission plots from Ryan Milligan's Solar Flare Finder tool, also available via SSW/IDL. Check out "w/ Hinode/EVE/IRIS" under "Cross-Mission Synoptic".

TIP: Click the "Latest Flare" button to go to the most recent event in the RHESSI flare list that could be (automatically) imaged.

TIP: The events in the RHESSI flare list for the current day are selectable from a drop-down list. Events prefixed with a "`" are contiguous and cospatial with the preceding RHESSI flare. Events suffixed with a "-" could not be (automatically) imaged and are likely not flares.

TIP: Click directly on any red time arrow () to toggle the display of a vertical red line (may be slightly inaccurate)

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