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From time to time, an anomaly comes up that the tohban (or someone else on the team) needs to deal with. This page is meant to serve as a record for spacecraft operations, parameters, etc that were out of the ordinary in case that same event happens again. Anomalies or issues with the detector health should be recorded on the dedicated Detector Updates page and not this one.

The list is not meant to be exhaustive, but may aid a tohban in determining if a problem has happened before and what to do about it. The list starts in February of 2013; earlier events are not included. (Unless some intrepid soul wants to go through and add some history...!)

 2013-123-16:11 - ACS system went into IDLE mode due to spin rate miscalculation.
 2013-124-02:08 - Ground command to precession mode
 2013-124-03:42 - Autonomously transitioned back to Normal mode.

[See http://sprg.ssl.berkeley.edu/~tohban/browser/?show=monru&date=20150820&time=201739&bar=1]

D9 events were left off and the detector was left at 800V over the weekend, so that there would be no danger of a repeat occurrence during a time when tohban/ops reaction time is likely to be slower. The following Monday we turned on D9 events for a partial orbit to assess the state. While the write pointer speed did increase during the pass, we believe this was due to other changes we made around the same time (fast threshold raises, with corresponding increases in slow rates due to higher livetime). Examination of the VC1 plots shows that the ULDs remained at the “normal” value.

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