Tohban Report 2014-10-01

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Tohban Reports
Start Date: 24 Sep 2014
End Date: 1 Oct 2014
Tohban: Mitsuo Oka
Tohban email:
Next Tohban: Milo
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Solar Activity

Solar activity was slightly higher than the last week, generally at C-level with 16 C-class flares and 2 M-class flare. There are currently 10 ARs on disk and only a few of them maintains a weak mixed polarity spot.

How many GOES flares occurred?

 Flares above B, C, M, X class were      1    16     2     0

And how many of these are listed in the RHESSI flare list?

 Flares above B, C, M, X class were      0     9     1     0

And how many had EXCELLENT coverage?

 Flares above B, C, M, X class were      0     2     1     0

There were RHESSI flares/GOES flares 300 / 19 over the time range 23-Sep-14 30-Sep-14

Memory Management

Earlier this week, SSR had been emptying out at the end of daily pass sets. SSR is now ending at ~15%. The maximum fill level this week was 35%.

Spacecraft Status

Spacecraft systems are nominal. Cold plate temps 1,2 are 124.9 and 123.7, respectively, and should continue to come down as daylight length increases. Attenuator motion was nominal. Cryocooler is nominal.

Spin-up is due (currently 14.5 rpm)

Data Gaps

No significant data gap this week.

Detector issues

The D2 light leak problem continued to improve this week.

Spacecraft Operations

Other notes

There was a discussion on a coordinated observation with SDO.

Lunar eclipse on Oct.8 and Solar eclipse on Oct.23

Decimation Normal/Vigorous
HLAT Decimation Rear decimation weight 6, no front decimation
Night time data (fronts) full nighttime events
Night time data (rears) full nighttime events
Attenuator operation Active
Detector problems?
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