Detector 9 anneal 2012

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Some "historical record searching" has revealed that noisy intervals have occasionally shown up in D9 ever since the March 2010 anomaly. It is not clear that these were associated in any way with the anomaly, but no instances have been found before it. These noisy intervals are easiest to see in the rear slow monitor rates or rear event rates. See a presentation (2013-04-17_Detector_9_weirdness) by Albert Shih for more info.

 May 7: 11:09
 May 6: 11:19, 9:42
 May 5: 9:54, 1130
 May 4: 1937, 1803, 1625, 1004
 May 3: 1152, 1015

No action was taken since the problem was not severe. See more notes in the Tohban_Report_2013-05-08 tohban report.

 They began in short and non-severe dropouts on the 4th. By the 9th, their duration and severity increased to a maximum before beginning to
 wane again on the 10th. 

No action was taken since their severity and frequency was comparable to those seen in the past, and there were no consequences to livetime or SSR.

   14-086-18:18:44  /IDPUTABLE9 REARFASTDAC
   14-086-18:18:54  /IDPULOAD VALUE=0xB0
   14-088-19:16:55 /IDPUTABLE9 REARFASTDAC
   14-088-19:17:26 /IDPULOAD VALUE=0x70
   14-101-17:56:28 /IDPUTABLE9 REARFASTDAC
   14-101-17:56:41 /IDPULOAD VALUE=0x60
   14-107-16:26:00 /IDPUTABLE9 FRONTSLOWDAC
   14-107-16:26:29 /IDPULOAD VALUE=0x1A
   14-142-21:31:54 /IDPULOAD VALUE=0x50         ; was 0x40

D9 front slow LLD threshold history

post 2012 anneal 0x0C
2014-Apr-17 0x1A

D9 front fast LLD threshold history

post 2012 anneal 0x22
2014-Jan-28 22:13 UTC 0x30 (was 0x22)
2014-Jan-29 22:11 UTC 0x40 (was 0x30)
2014-May-22 21:31:54 UTC 0x50 (was 0x40)

D9 rear slow LLD threshold history

post 2012 anneal 0x30

D9 rear fast LLD threshold history

post 2012 anneal 0x45
2012-Apr-20 15:32 UTC 0x60 (was 0x45)
2014-Jan-11 07:01:37 UTC 0x70 (was 0x60)
2014-Jan-24 00:53:41 UTC 0x80 (was 0x70)
2014-Feb-27 19:25 UTC 0x90 (was 0x80)
2014-Mar-27 18:18:54 UTC 0xB0 (was 0x90)
2014-Mar-29 19:17:26 UTC 0x70 (was 0xB0)
2014-Apr-11 17:56:41 UTC 0x60 (was 0x70)
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